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Founders - Jeff & Eric Long

The two brothers were fortunate enough to spend most of their childhood at the beach, and their passion for the ocean and surfing had begun. Nestled away in Long Island, NY, they were exposed to beautiful beaches and coves that served up world class surf and great offshore fishing.
Eric continued on to study Marine Science at Stony Brook University. His passion for the ocean grew and he dedicated a significant amount of time to marine research.
Eric's brother, Jeff, decided to start a new company on the other side of the country in San Diego, CA. He was able to convince Eric to partner up, and they proceeded to sell all their belongings and make the move. As they journeyed across the country they created their brand that truly embodied a minimalist lifestyle. They took what they can fit in two boxes and their surfboards on the roof, and once they hit the coast they went to work.
Eric did some part time research at the Scripps Oceanography Institute assisting with acoustics among other research projects. He frequently travels down to the Sea of Cortez to go spearfishing and free diving with local legend Danny Martinez. If he is not spearfishing, you can probably find him surfing a reef in La Jolla.
Jeff spent quite some time studying law and started his first successful business while in college. He decided not to purse his Law degree and continued to develop his skill sets as an entrepreneur. Although Jeff loved the New York grind, he was ready to give up the rat race and focus on his passion for the ocean.
Balance and lifestyle are the two most important things to the two brothers, and their movement with SLIPPA soon followed. They assembled a team of artists, photographers, divers, surfers, and cinematographers, and began to create some amazing products that embody the creative soul of the ocean and their lifestyle.