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La Jolla

Posted by Jeff Long on

La Jolla

There are so many great things about San Diego, but one of our favorites has to be La Jolla. Between the plethora of reef breaks to surf and amazing dive spots, we are so fortunate to have this place in our back yard. It is not everyday the visibility is this good, but when it is you'll find us diving at a spot called "Boomers". This is a location very close to the cove, most notably where the sea lions hang out. If you ever come visit San Diego, this is a must see place. I would even recommend renting a kayak and going into the caves, it is unreal! 

Sadly, there is no longer a healthy kelp forest off Boomers, although you'll find remains. Due to the increased water temp, the kelp has been dying off and this leads to loss of habitat for sea life. A few years ago you could jump off the shore at Boomers and see all kinds of fish, nowadays it is rather barren. Nonetheless you'll still see plenty of fish and life, just not what it use to be. There are some really great ledges at Boomers where you can find some big Sheepshead, Calico Bass, and if your really lucky you can come across the rare Black Sea Bass. Last summer during a dive we encountered a 200 lb Black Sea Bass and it was so surreal to swim with such a beautiful animal. These are protected so it is illegal to fish, so don't even think about pulling the trigger! 

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