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Posted by Jeff Long on


The long anticipation for summer has a lot more to do than a day on the sandy beaches of Southern California. We are blessed to live on the beach here in San Diego, but our true passion is being on the water. And sometimes, the further offshore we get, the more joy we get. 

For those who don't know what a patty is, it is a floating piece of kelp in the middle of the ocean. These floating pieces of kelp act as a refuge for pelagic fish, notably the California Yellowtail. Typically season kicks into high gear when water temps hit near 70 degrees Fahrenheit. We got an early start this year and started checking what the patty's had to offer. After jumping in on our first one of the day, a massive Mola mola came swimming by. 


Luckily we had the Nikonos film camera on us and were able to snap a shot. These fish are beautiful creatures and it is surreal to be able to swim with them. 

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